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Most auto repairs are performed while you wait in our comfortable lounge, current magazines on hand and informative TV. Full Service Las Vegas Auto Repair Facility!

Tune Up, Engine, Transmission, Radiator, HVAC, Alignment, Tires, Electrical, Glass, and much more…

Zip Zap Auto Repair Services


We have ASE Certified Master Automobile Technicians that are well-equipped to perform diagnosis on almost any concerns your vehicle may be experiencing.


Las Vegas 1-Hr Auto AC Service $99.95 most cars. Includes Evacuate, Perform Vacuum Leak Check, Add Refrigerant Oil & Dye, and Recharge System Per Manufacturer Specs..


Las Vegas Brakes, New Pads & New Rotors From $299.95 per axle. Includes Carbon Ceramic Pads, New Composite Rotors and Caliper Reconditioning.

Las Vegas’s premier repair shop for auto repairs, service and maintenance.

For the enjoyment and comfort of our customers while you wait, we offer a clean waiting room with TV, magazines & free WiFi.


Coffee Keurig® single cup coffee maker, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Bottled Water, Soda, Fresh Baked Cookies & Ice Cream!

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Being an independent dealer, we can provide you with almost any brand of tire you prefer at prices that are hard to beat, including wholesalers and large discount retail stores. Give us a call for pricing.

Air Conditioning Service

Usually a 30-minute service that most vehicles require approximately every 3 years. We evacuate the refrigerant from your vehicle’s system, test for leaks, and if good, will recharge the system, add new compressor oil and test it for proper function and performance.

Gear Box Fluid Services

Manual Transmissions, Differential Gear Boxes, 4-Wheel Drive Transfer Cases, all require periodic fluid replacement, usually every 4-years/60,000 miles. We drain and fill gear oils from these units and refill with the manufacturer specified type, and include Limited Slip additives as required.

Miscellaneous Auto Services

There are far too many areas of automotive service to list them all, however, we provide almost all services your vehicle may need, including suspension/steering system repairs, alignments, engine/ transmission overhauls, electrical system repairs, computer software repairs /updates, glass and body repairs.

Brake Service

We can perform quick brake repairs on most makes and models because we do not resurface rotors. Instead we replace brake linings with Premium Carbon Ceramic Pads and replace the rotors with brand new Premium Quality Composite units. We also recondition the brake calipers, repack wheel bearings and install new seals whenever applicable.

Cooling System Service

Cooling system issues are the number one cause of vehicle break downs. We recommend performing this valuable service every 4 years or 60,000 miles for most late model vehicles. We evacuate the coolant from the-radiator, heater core, engine block, lines / hoses, refill, bleed the system and check for proper thermostat operation and system function.

Automatic Transmission Service / Repair

Most vehicles will require transmission fluid replacement every 4 years/60,000 miles, but depending on driving habits and climate, some vehicle will require it every 2 years/30,000 miles. We flush the transmission fluid through the cooler assembly and lines if equipped, transmission case and torque converter for a complete 100% fluid change in most cases.


Tune-Ups may be a thing of the past with on board computers “tuning” the engine constantly. However, spark plugs still get worn, filters, throttle bodies, intake ports and passages still get dirty, and there are still vehicles on the road that need a conventional tune up every couple years. We replace spark plugs, inspect filters and other ignition / fuel system components for wear, clean throttle controls / manifolds and carbon ports / passages for better idle and engine performance.